Together we have identified opportunities that promise a substantial increase in sales success.

Asseco Solutions is one of the pioneers and visionaries in the ERP sector in Slovakia. It has provided the latest technology in state-of-the-art software for twenty years.


Encourage Asseco Solutions team to streamline the pricing of its selected software products so that it is able to gradually materialize the maximum from the existing potential of a sustainable and fair increase in revenue from these products without losing clients or damaging the company's image.


Typical length of quotation document shortened By 2/3
Significant reduction of client queries for the price during the meeting
More opportunities to sell extra value while bidding
540/5000 In the joint project, we were able to significantly reduce the time needed to prepare and length the bid documents. The bidding document has become simpler and more transparent. At the same time, employees were made easier to prepare the offer and get specific opportunities to sell reasonable supplementary software modules and services. At the same time, by making the offer more transparent and simpler, there are fewer opportunities for clients to misunderstand it and sellers can thus focus more on explaining the added value. The entire sales process is faster and smoother.


Edita Angyalová
COO and Vice-Chairman of Board, Asseco Solutions, a.s.
“Pricewise is not a newcomer to the market and we knew them before we decided to address them with a joint project offer. Despite good references and anticipated expectations, we were surprised that they were able to quickly identify the potential for improvement. They were well-versed in our business and soon came up with beneficial suggestions. Although we have not yet been able to evaluate the financial implications of their benefits, the day-to-day practice of our merchants suggests that investing in them was a good idea."
Stano Žak
Member of Board, Asseco Solutions, a.s.
“Pricewise people are the people who care about the results and added value of their work. They didn't just give us some general recommendations and lessons. At first they listened carefully. They met our internal team and consulted with us on their ideas. They were interested in how our team works, what we can imagine with our clients and what is not feasible, and for what reasons. Although some suggestions were not appropriate, we were able to improve them together. The resulting ideas then helped us internally enforce, train individual employees, and were on the phone for questions during deployment. ”


The biggest challenge was to simplify and shorten the offer, which at that time was very complicated to explain to clients and sellers took a lot of time. At the same time, they had difficulties in concluding agreements and their average win / close ratio was well below the average in Slovakia and internationally.

The PW team therefore focused on creating a detailed bid creation and pricing guide in accordance with the principles of effective pricing, including the proposal to modify the sales process, the bid structure in its pricing section and the offer document content in its commercial part for Asseco Solutions' best selling products.

In order to optimize the use of resources, we have jointly selected the most comprehensive part of Asseco Solutions' work and focused the scope of the project on creating an effective offer and sales process in B2B mode, which is the most important business of the company and identified the biggest problems in it.

The output of the project provided clear answers to the most important pricing issues in B2B mode as:

  • How many steps and what should be the optimal sales cycle and how long should they last optimally?
  • How to set up and use internal pricing alternatives for individual client segments by industry and client ability to pay?
  • Whether, when and how to use the "price from" institute in the sales process and how to decide on the suitability of the client for further negotiations with it?
  • How do I set up a bid and use a "minimum bid" that still satisfies the client?
  • What are the smart bidding tactics and what circumstances do you use and why?
  • How to incorporate all these tactics into a bid document to "sell" as much as possible?
  • When and how to use a discount?
  • How do I use practical usage to gradually optimize internal pricing prices?

We have prepared a new offer for individual products with instructions for using it and deciding on the price in the sales process before the client as well as with the arguments to the sales interview. In the Asseco Solutions graphic designer, we have created a completely new and distinctive design of the commercial part of the client offer document. All vendors participated in training to use the new pricelist and offer for pilot intent. Based on the results of the pilot, we have successfully incorporated minor changes into the price list, which has been used across the company.

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