Peter Krišťák 13.03.2020

Effective price list = simple price list: 5 tips how to make your price list more effective

Radek Hrachovec 04.03.2020

5 deadly sins in loyalty programs

Peter Krišťák 25.02.2020

2 ways to test prices and the most important tips to avoid mistakes

Radek Hrachovec 04.02.2020

Výsledky studie Reshoper Datablog: Jak české e-shopy řeší loajalitu svých zákazníků?

Radek Hrachovec 09.01.2020

Loyalty Conferences in 2020

Radek Hrachovec 06.12.2019

Ohrozí Apple Card banky?

Peter Krišťák 02.12.2019

5 beginner mistakes when negotiating the "success fee"

Peter Krišťák 18.11.2019

"Success fee": Everest Among B2B Compensation Agreements

Peter Krišťák 25.06.2019

Price proposal: Send or present?

Radek Hrachovec 31.05.2019

Předplacená věrnost


Pricewise Now Featured on Clutch!


Až 26 % Slovákov verí internetu viac ako rodine. Ako ste na tom vy?

Peter Krišťák 17.04.2018

Never sell only one choice

Radek Hrachovec 27.03.2018

You can't buy decent customers

Peter Krišťák 19.03.2018

How long should a price proposal be?

Radek Hrachovec 12.03.2018

The loyalty program must earn

Peter Krišťák 06.03.2018

Excessive Creativity in Pricing does not Pay

Radek Hrachovec 11.02.2018

Customers have no proof of our fidelity, but we do


Interview with Curaprox: The loyalty program is not a crack of marketing!


Pricewise is Now Featured on Clutch!

Peter Krišťák 18.01.2018

Is there a short-term loyalty?

Peter Krišťák 18.01.2018

How do you get a discount and a false price tag for customers?

Milan Schnorrer 12.07.2017

6 biggest mistakes of loyalty programmes

Milan Schnorrer 21.12.2016

Failure of quiet companies‬‬‬‬

Peter Krišťák 09.12.2016

What does the price of a flight ticket and a loaf of bread have in common?

Peter Krišťák 04.03.2016

Retailers: Stop silly discounts!

Peter Krišťák 03.03.2016

The Most Important Pricing Question? It is definitely not “For How Much?”!

Peter Krišťák 24.09.2015

What Counts Is the Amount of Discount Not the Price!

Peter Krišťák 18.09.2015

The Second Most Important Pricing Question? No, Still Not “For How Much?”

Peter Krišťák 18.08.2015

If it does not hurt for free ...

Peter Krišťák 03.08.2015

Cheap BMW in the showroom of Hyundai?

Peter Krišťák 27.07.2015

Fair price? No, thanks!

Milan Schnorrer 10.06.2015

WOW - We are triple winners of The London Loyalty Awards 2015

Milan Schnorrer 05.06.2015

4 days to go - who are the finalists of The Loyalty Awards 2015 in London together with GOPASS

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