Building The first truly digital Resort!

Building the first truly digital resort!

The GOPASS loyalty program created by Pricewise has won awards in three categories of the prestigious THE LOYALTY AWARDS competition in London:

  • Best Loyalty Programme of the Year - Travel (including hotels & destination programmes)
  • Best Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a Loyalty Environment
  • Best Loyalty Programme of the Year: Central & Eastern Europe
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GOPASS was built by Pricewise for TATRY MOUNTAIN RESORTS (later mentioned as TMR). TMR is the biggest operator of ski resorts in Central and Eastern Europe with 4 resorts in 3 countries. TMR operates the whole resort experience – mountain cableways, hotels, water parks, mountain restaurants, ski schools, shops and rentals etc. GOPASS has 10 main features including combination of e-shop (remotely loaded ski pass) and a loyalty programme. It is the first time a ski resort has implemented all these features to such extent in one programme, creating the first truly digital ski resort in Europe.

Pricewise Led the idea creation behind GOPASS including the loyalty scheme, e-shop, process design, marketing and user experience. We also implemented the technology and help to run the programme after the launch, altogether with TMR GOPASS team. We focus our work on data analysis and direct marketing communication.


  • 5% increase of revenue
  • Thousands of extra ski passes sold since the launch of GOPASS programme
  • One of the highest shares of online ski pass sales among European ski resorts
  • Over 100 000 skiers in Tatry Mountains use GOPASS for skiing and summer holidays
  • GOPASS has been implemented in 2 countries, 139 mountain outlets and 205 local hotels in Tatry Mountains


Bohuš Hlavatý,
CEO Tatry Mountain Resorts

“Pricewise developed the idea of GOPASS customer programme, which is much more than just a loyalty programme. They helped us every step of the way, from the idea, technical implementation as well as running the programme after the launch. GOPASS is the key strategic initiative of TMR. It brings major positive financial results, improves customer satisfaction and raises loyalty. We are happy with the programme and we plan to develop it further.”


We believe that customer loyalty is a complex concept. In order to create extra sales resulting from customer loyalty, companies need to do more than just to create a simple discount programme or point-based loyalty scheme combined with loyalty card.

With GOPASS, we wanted to develop more than a loyalty programme and create a new way customers interact with the ski resort. Loyalty scheme is “just” one part of this customer programme. GOPASS is a fully functional skipass, skiing performance tracker, entry card to water parks, electronic wallet and much more. All the GOPASS features revolutionise the customer relationship management. Skiing has become digital!


GOPASS has helped to create the first truly digital ski resort because customers can avoid cash desk and load their ski pass onto their GOPASS card remotely, receive targeted offers, collect and use loyalty points everywhere in the resort and see their detailed skiing statistics. All live via interconnected data-processing systems were designed by Pricewise. These are main “digital” customer benefits of GOPASS:

Increased comfort

Customers do not need to visit cash desk to buy a ski pass – they buy it in an e-shop and have it immediately loaded onto their GOPASS card. They can use GOPASS for cashless transactions at all stores and cash desks around the resort.

Savings and better prices

GOPASS members pay lower ski pass prices online and receive special offers to buy ski passes, water park entries and other resort products. They see their point balance live and in each mountain restaurant or outlet can also exchange their points for rewards.


Customers can see their skiing statistics right after their skiing day and achieve special rewards for completing different performance levels.


In 2013, along finishing the “hardware investments” (snowmaking, cable ways, etc.) TMR has decided to focus on building a loyal customer base with the aim of generating more frequent visits, increase spending of customer within the resort using cross sell and upsell and provide improved user-friendly experience for the customer.

During 2012/2013 winter, the work has started on building the first stages of GOPASS. During this time Pricewise proposed the idea of customer programme to TMR. Over the period of two years, the programme was developed into a key strategic tool for TMR.

At Pricewise we worked in close contact with all levels of the organization – from the CEO to the cash desk operator. In key periods during the two years, intensive workshops were held with marketing departments of the TMR and each implementation was developed together with the client and then implemented into the resort marketing and IT systems.


Although GOPASS was a heavy IT implementation, the whole project was not approached as a typical IT development, but rather from customer’s and marketing perspective. Customer, not IT language was spoken all the time. We restructured the project so that the priority was given to the workshops on customer needs and we focused the work on marketing.

Selection of tasks coordinated by Pricewise:
  • Creating the concept
  • Launch and management of the 10 headline features of GOPASS including loyalty programme (loyalty programme, e-shop, etc.)
  • Integration of 7 different cash desk (POS) systems with the backend CRM cloud system
  • Setting up web portal including e-shop
  • Resort marketing and GOPASS promotion
  • National coupon campaign boosting early season sales
  • Designing processes surrounding the loyalty programme
  • Training hundreds of staff in 7 TMR business divisions
  • Adaptation for summer season
  • Expansion of the programme into the largest skiing resort in Czech Republic
  • 596 different direct-marketing campaigns executed in 2014
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