40,000 customers joined the new

prepaid customer program

Innogy (VSE and Innogy Slovakia) is a supplier of natural gas and energy solutions for the household. The company operates on the commodity market, where prices are regulated by the state. That's why Innogy was looking for new sources of income to offer non-commodity products and services to households. At the same time, the company wanted to improve customer relations. As a utility company, it really came into contact with customers only once a year, when issuing an invoice. Innogy was looking for positive news that allowed them to increase the frequency of contact with customers.


  • More than 40,000 customers have subscribed to the innogy SuperDomov program
  • Successful and effective acquisition of customers into the program through direct channels
  • A significant new source of income
  • Increasing the frequency of contact with the customers
Martin Petrašovič
Martin Petrašovič
Head of Customer Solutions
“In innogy, we were looking for a way to bring our customers extra care for their homes while increasing the value of the customer base. The Pricewise team was a partner for us, with whom we created the design of a paid customer program. Thanks to surveys with customers in the field, we learned useful insights for launching a program that is used by tens of thousands of households today. I appreciate Pricewise's ability to combine the individual pieces into a comprehensive program that helps improve the quality of life of our customers.”


  • Find new sources of income
  • Retain existing customers (find a way to defend against competition)
  • Increase the frequency of contact with customers

Workflow and solution

Phase 1: Initial analysis
At the beginning of the project, we performed an analysis of existing non-commodity products and services (alarms, accident insurance, etc.). Immersion in sales processes revealed two fundamental problems connected with the low price of individual services. On the one hand, the customer does not want to handle small purchases for a few euros. On the other hand, the sale of individual items with a low price is financially inefficient for the company.

Phase 2: Customer deep-dive interviews
We realized a series of in-depth interviews with customers directly in households. As a result, we identified several areas where there was room to create added value. One of these areas is the mandatory chimney inspection or combustion paths. A big part of households neglected this obligation. We were looking for a solution to provide a complex solution for home protection and at the same time motivate customers to perform mandatory inspections. We have proposed combining individual services into prepaid packages, while one of the key advantages of the packages should be the annual contribution (basically cash-back) for the actually implemented chimney inspection.

Phase 3: Prototype design
As part of innovative workshops, we have proposed several variants of prepaid packages with regard to the needs of different households. The packages differed in both the content of the services and the prices.

Phase 4: Prototype test
We realized extensive tests at customer centers. We tested the offer of prepaid service packages on customers during real sales interviews. Thanks to this, we were able to reveal interest in the offer and find out the price sensitivity of customers. Based on the test results, we tuned the offer of individual packages. The final prices of the packages were set after the implementation of a quantitative price survey with customers.

Phase 5: Sales strategy
For the successful implementation of the program it was necessary to prepare an effective acquisition strategy. We decided to go the way of selling packages through direct channels. For this purpose, we prepared a comprehensive sales strategy that included sales scenarios for call center agents and physical contact center staff, as well as a series of direct-mail campaigns.

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