The benefits you need to awaken positive emotions in your customers

The combination of targeted personalized direct marketing with a loyalty program brings customers benefits that inspire credible emotions, simplify their lives and offer attractive financial incentives to change customer behavior.


  • Increase the number of customers registered to the loyalty program

  • Increase the number of purchases based on emotions

  • Providing hints and tips through direct e-mails


  • Consultation with experts in creating direct e-mails content

  • Start timed, personalized email communications with moms and future moms

  • Providing premium benefits to regular customers


  • Up to 9 out of 10 showed interest in receiving direct mail

  • Compared to the previous loyalty program, an increase in open rate of more than half, an increase in clicks of campaigns 7 times

  • Up to 8-10% conversion to purchase within 1 week

  • Open rate campaigns do not drop below 33%

9 out of 10 customers showed interest in receiving direct marketing campaigns during registration
by more than 1/2 has increased the open rate compared to with a previous loyalty program
7x campaign clicks increased compared to with the previous loyalty program
  • Unique intelligence of sending direct e-mails

  • Recurring purchases caused by emotions in customers

  • Personal data processed with a positive intention to improve services

  • High conversions to purchases thanks to an attractive reward scheme

ukážka newslettra

Direct e-mail with pleasing child graphics not only provides mothers with valuable information and advice on their child's care, but also motivates mothers to purchase through discount coupons linked to their current needs.

Through successive purchases, the customer is approaching the remuneration, which is represented by graphically colored teddy bears.

Upon reaching the reward, the customer receives a discount coupon, which she also finds in her profile.

Build trust with your customers against the loyalty program.

Functional loyalty programs are much more than discounts and cards. They need to bring benefits to their customers that engage in credible product-friendly emotions, simplify their lives, and offer attractive financial incentives to change customer behavior.

Direct e-mails that follow mom's emotions enhance their relationship with the program - evidenced by recurring purchases. Customers do not worry about their personal data because they have the opportunity to see that they have been obtained with a positive intention to improve their services.

Last but not least, conversion to purchases is also enhanced by an attractive reward scheme.

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